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We must not allow Modi, RSS to insult Tamil culture and tradition: Rahul Gandhi | India News


KANYAKUMARI: The leader of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi, said on Monday that it was his duty as an Indian to protect the Tamil culture and language as well as other languages, religions, cultures and ideas.
Campaigning in Kanyakumari, Rahul said: “We must not allow (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi and RSS to insult Tamil culture and tradition.”
“History shows that no one can rule Tamil Nadu except the Tamil people. This choice will show the same. Only one person who truly represents the people of Tamil Nadu will become the prime minister, “he added.
Rahul paid tribute to the late MP H Vasanthakumar from Kanyakumari in Agastheeswaram. He praised Vasanthakumar for the late leader’s initiatives for the welfare of oppressed people in his constituency. “It doesn’t matter what pressure he suffered, how much they threatened him, he defended values ​​and was with Congress,” Rahul said.

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