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Rahul Gandhi Dances with Tamil Nadu School Students, Shows Off His Aikido Skills and Reveals the Secret of His Fitness | India News


KANYAKUMARI: The leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, on Monday obeyed the request of the students of the St Joseph Tuition Upper Secondary School in Mulagumoodu in the Kanyakumari district and danced with them. He also showed off his martial arts and physical abilities.
At the request of a girl, he danced to his song and also dragged Dinesh Gundu Rao, the party in charge of Tamil Nadu, and the Chairman of the Tamil Nadu Congressional Committee, KS Alagiri, to join the dance along with four students.
Appreciating his voice, Rahul then showed off his skills in aikido, a Japanese martial art, using a simple step that forced a child to the ground.
This was instantly followed by a 15 push-up girl challenge that he instantly accepted. Rahul completed the task before he could finish half the number and stopped. In a counterattack challenge, he asked for push-ups with one hand and showed him one.
He attributed his fitness secret to many years of running, swimming, biking, and martial arts and consuming less rice and chapatti and more protein and fat.
“I’m not that fit. Only in medium form (now), ”he chuckled, touching her abdomen.
Rahul has been on a three-day election campaign in Tamil Nadu since Saturday.

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