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Need to expand agriculture beyond wheat and rice: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Modi said on Monday that India needs a revolution in food processing while calling for the need to expand agriculture and provide options for farmers that are “not limited to growing wheat and rice.” .
PM talked about trying organic foods and vegetables related to salads. “Now we have to offer those options to farmers where they are not limited to growing wheat and rice,” Modi said.
While addressing a webinar on budget implementation in agriculture, the prime minister said that “21st century India needs a post-harvest or food processing revolution and value addition amid increased agricultural production “.
PM said it would have been good for the country if this had been done two or three decades ago.
“Today, we have to focus more on processing in all sectors of agriculture, every food, every vegetable, fruit, fish and everything. Farmers should have modern storage facilities close to their village,” Prime Minister Modi said.
Continuing with his privatization speech, PM advocated increasing private sector participation in agricultural R&D.

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