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Despite HC’s assent, the interfaith couple has to wait for the seal of marriage | India News


BAREILLY: More than three months after a 27-year-old Muslim man “eloped” with a girl of a different faith to get married and was put behind bars, and more than a month after he was released on bail, the An interfaith couple in UP’s Bareilly asked an SDM for permission to marry, only to be told they had to wait another month for police clearance.
The couple also carried an order from Allahabad HC giving them freedom to marry and a waiver of the notice period in special circumstances from the marriage officer.
They had escaped on October 17. A few days later, dozens of members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad vandalized a police station claiming inaction on “love jihad”. Later, the couple was “recovered” from Ajmer of Rajasthan. The man was booked for allegedly forging the girl’s Aadhaar card to get a hotel room. Sadar area SDM Vishu Raja said: “The law favors the couple, but they would have to wait for a police report to make sure there are no public order problems.”

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