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Rahul Gandhi to Prime Minister Modi: Keep your mouth shut and your ears open if you want to conquer the Tamils ​​| India News

TENKASI: In the first two days of his campaign in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had a lesson or two for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the art of conquering people in the state.
“Keep your mouth shut and open your ears if you want to win over the Tamils,” he said while campaigning in Tenkasi district on Sunday.
On Saturday, Rahul said that the only way to deal with Tamil Nadu is with love, respect and affection. “I hope the prime minister understands this. If you give them a little respect, love and affection, they will reciprocate by giving you back many things, ”he said while addressing a public meeting in Nanguneri in Tirunelveli district on Saturday night.
“Modi is under the illusion that he can control the people of Tamil Nadu like he controls the corrupt CM. He believes that Tamil Nadu is like his television and that he can take the remote control and do whatever he wants in Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu are going to take out the battery and throw it away, “he said in Tuticorin on Saturday.
At this juncture, he said that Modi had not read the history of the people here, unlike him.

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