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Mehbooba advocates the “peaceful struggle” for the “restoration” of constitutional rights | India News


SRINAGAR: PPD Chairman Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday called for a “peaceful struggle” for the “restoration” of the democratic and constitutional rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a convention of senior party officials from the Pulwama district in southern Kashmir, Mufti said that the people of Kashmir should not let despair decide their fate, but rather strengthen their resolve, unify their ranks and “articulate their grief. loudly “.
Mufti claimed that more young people were joining the militancy, emphasizing that guns were not a solution to any problem.
“We must always keep the peaceful media as our North Star and not lose sight of the fact that there are elements that want to describe us as violent and extremist to delegitimize our aspirations and our struggle,” he said.
Mufti noted how farmers successfully mobilized and united the whole world behind their cause, and said the discipline underpinning the movement was something worth emulating.
“In addition to stripping us of our constitutional rights, we have witnessed the dispossession of our resources and the crushing of our economy,” said the PPD leader.
The horticulture sector, which forms the backbone of the Valley’s economy, has not been spared either, he alleged.
“By allowing Iran’s apple production to flood the market and our own crop to be destroyed by the supply of fake pesticides, nefarious designs are being implemented. This also appears to be part of the scheme programmed to pulverize our economy,” Mufti said.
The former prime minister said the need was to stand up in unison and fight for the rights, identity and the future of generations to come.
Mufti reaffirmed that dialogue and reconciliation, as envisioned by the founder of the PDP, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, was the only way to achieve peace and prosperity not only for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, but for the entire subcontinent.
Mehbooba Mufti said he will continue to advocate for the India-Pakistan dialogue no matter how unpleasant the idea may be with “some vested interests.”
“We have always advocated for dialogue and reconciliation. No matter what they said until yesterday, today we see them only emulating our roadmap as inevitable.
“The recent joint statement of the DGMOs of the Indo-Pak armies is an example of this. We want them to take this forward to the highest levels and also engage with the people of Jammu and Kashmir constructively respecting their dignity,” he added.
Thanking party workers for their unwavering support for the party, the PPD chairman praised their efforts that culminated in a solid party victory in the recently concluded DDC elections in the district.
“Pulwama is the heart of the PDP and your unwavering support is the source of my personal strength. And my first visit to your district after being re-elected as party chair is a reaffirmation of my love for you,” she said.

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