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Don’t just complete paperwork, take the road safety campaign as a mission, Gadkari to government departments | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari on Sunday urged government agencies not to treat road safety campaigns as an “event” to complete “formalities.” He also said that everyone should always remember that someone is waiting for him at home, which will help generate a change in behavior to make the roads safe, as he urged government officials to take it on as a mission.
Addressing students, NGOs and government officials at an event organized by the Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC), Gadkari said: “Government departments simply want to complete the formality to organize a campaign … we need to work positively and involve the people from all sectors of society.
It is a big task considering that each year we are losing more lives in traffic accidents than the number of people who died due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
We must always remember that someone is waiting for us. This is not the end of the road safety campaign. We need to continue this throughout the year. ”
This is the first time the government has launched an intense month-long campaign for road safety compared to the previous practice of observing a “National Road Safety Week”.
Gadkari said his ministry will soon establish the Road Safety Board, which will have experts in the field to deal with all aspects of road safety.
He said a meeting is scheduled this week with the Finance Ministry to make financial provisions for the functioning of the board. The board will be the lead central agency on matters related to road safety.
IRSC said a series of creative contests were held during the month-long campaign, which involved about two lakhs of people.
“More than 69,000 people pledged to make Indian roads safer for all … Nearly 96,000 participants participated in the road safety questionnaire,” the youth-led organization said in a statement.

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