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Breed of dog that PM mentioned ‘not suitable’ for police functions | India News


NEW DELHI: Mudhol Hound, the Indian dog The breed that was observed by the central paramilitary forces for their canine squads and that had been mentioned in PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’ address last year, has not been found as an ideal police working dog breed in trials. ordered by the Ministry of the Interior.
According to the conclusions of field tests of the breed conducted by ITBP and SSB at the K9 cell addresses of the MHA police, the Mudhol Hound, while loyal, agile and healthy, is essentially a breed of hound with a nervous temperament that tends to be easily distracted. by the presence of any moving object, preferring to chase it rather than concentrating on following the scent, a key requirement for any police dog.
“This breed does not meet the requirement of a police dog due to its temperament and poor training ability,” was the conclusion reached by the ITBP and SSB experts and sent to cell K9 of the MHA police, who it is said that he shared it more with the PMO.
Meanwhile, field trials of three other Indian dog breeds are still ongoing. While CRPF is testing for Combai and BSF for Rampur Hound, ITBP, SSB and BSF are testing different versions of the Himachali Hound or Mountain Dog breed (Gaddi, Bakarwal Hound and Tibettan Mastiff).
Some interesting findings from the Mudhol Hound trials, recorded by Assistant Commander (veterinarian) Pankaj Kumar Teotia of the SSB Dog Breeding and Training Center, Alwar and Commander (veterinarian) Pankaj Kumar of ITBP headquarters in a Article published in National Police K9 Journal published in January 2021 – stating that the breed has a tendency to forget previous training and tends to flee if kept off leash during training / practice.
ITBP and SSB had recruited eight Mudhol Hound pups in 2018 and, after providing them with basic obedience and training in explosives and narcotics detection, deployed them to the anti-Naxal network in Chhattisgarh and on the Indo-Nepal border. After studying the breed’s behavior, performance, and utility in the field, the Mudhol Hound was found to be difficult to train, has less gripping power, is temperamental, and is always in a hunting mood and is essentially a one-man dog that does. they do not get along with strangers, making the breed unreliable for police duties. In addition, due to its long and narrow head, it can easily remove the collar from the neck and escape the control of the handler.

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