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Rules for Provisional Content Blocking Aren’t New: Government IT Rules | India News


NEW DELHI: On Saturday, the government sought to clear up certain ‘doubts’ regarding some provisions in the 2021 Information Technology Rules that allow temporary restrictions on Internet services and the dissemination of information.
The Ministry of Information and Braoadcasting in a statement said that the provision has been in force for the last 11 years and has been exercised in emergencies.
“It is to inform that this provision is exactly the same as that exercised by the Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for the last eleven years under the Information Technology Standards (Procedures and Safeguards for Blocking Access to Information by part of the Public) of 2009 “, the statement read.
In addition, he said that the Information Technology Rules (Guidelines for Brokers and Digital Media Code of Ethics), 2021, provide an institutional framework for news publishers and OTT platforms in the digital media ecosystem.
The new rules, introduced earlier this month, will require large social media companies to establish a complaint resolution mechanism and, within three months, appoint new executives to coordinate with law enforcement.
Large social media companies will be required to remove content within 36 hours of receiving a legal order. The government also said that companies must assist in investigations or other incidents related to cyber security within 72 hours of receiving a request.
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