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AG refuses consent to initiate contempt proceedings against former CJI Ranjan Gogoi | India News


NEW DELHI: Attorney General KK Venugopal has refused to grant a sanction to initiate contempt proceedings against the former Chief Justice of India (CJI) and Rajya Sabha lawmaker Ranjan Gogoi for their alleged statements against him supreme judicial power.
Activist Saket Gokhale had requested the consent, a precondition for initiating criminal contempt proceedings, from the highest law enforcement officer to initiate the case against the former CJI who had reportedly said at an event that the judiciary it is “smashed” and it is highly unlikely for a person to get a timely verdict.
“I had the opportunity to see the entire interview. It is obvious that everything that has been said was good for the institution and will not in any way scandalize the court or lower its authority in the eyes of the law,” Venugopal said in his letter. the activist, denying consent to start the process.
Venugopal said that although the ex-CJI’s statements were forceful, they reflected his views on the evils of the judiciary.
The statement, which sought consent to initiate contempt proceedings against the deputy appointed by Rajya Sabha, had specifically referred to the statements of Judge Gogoi, who had said: “You want an economy of 5 trillion dollars but you have a power messy judicial … if I had to go to court, I would just be washing your dirty clothes in court. You won’t get a verdict. I don’t hesitate to say so. ”
Under the Contempt of Courts Act and rules, the consent of the attorney general or attorney general is required to bring a case of criminal contempt by an individual.

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