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Rahul Gandhi repeats ‘Hum do Hamare do’ dig against the center | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional leader Rahul Gandhi criticized the BJP-led union government for its decision to privatize public sector units (PSUs) in all but four strategic sectors.
On Twitter, the Wayanad MP quoted a news report on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at a privatization webinar conducted by the Department of Public Asset Investment and Management (DIPAM) and said: “Sirf ‘hamare do’ ka kalyan- ‘Hum do’ unke, PSU unke, Vikas bhi sirf unka, Jan ka kya “(Only the well-being of ‘our two’ assured – ‘We two are theirs, PSU are theirs, development is also theirs , what about people).
Rahul Gandhi has been using the mockery “Hum do Hamare do” to allege that the government is promoting “crony capitalism”.
On February 24, the leader of Congress excavated Prime Minister Modi after the world’s largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad was renamed “Narendra Modi Stadium”.
“Beautiful how the truth is revealed. Narendra Modi Stadium – End of Adani – End of trust With Jay Shah presiding,” the congressional leader tweeted. He also used the hashtag ‘Hum Do Humare Do’ in his tweet.
Prime Minister Modi, during the DIPAM webinar, said that state-owned companies in four strategic sectors will be kept to a minimum.
“Our government is committed to the privatization of the UPM in all sectors except for four strategic ones,” he said.

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