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Tandav Web Series Case: Allahabad HC Rejects Declaration of Early Bail of Amazon’s Aparna Purohit | India News


PRAYAGRAJ: Allahabad High Court Rejected Early Bail Request Submitted by Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video on Thursday in connection with an FIR where the creators of the ‘Tandav’ web series were alleged to have hurt feelings religious of a particular community.
The applicant, Purohit, is charged with inappropriate portrayal of UP police personnel, Hindu deities, and adverse portrayal of a character who plays the prime minister in the web series ‘Tandav’, an Indian political suspense web series on Amazon Prime Video.
Rejecting the application of Purohit, Judge Siddhartha observed: “On the one hand, the feelings of the majority community have been hurt by the disrespectful display of the characters of their faith and, on the other hand, attempts have been made to widen the gap between the upper castes and the programmed castes when the purpose of the state is to close the gap between the different castes and communities and make the country a united force socially, communally and politically ”.
The court further added: “These people make the revered figures of the religion of the majority community a source of economic income in the most blatant way, taking advantage of the liberal and tolerant tradition of the country.”
The court, after hearing from interested parties, observed: “The basic philosophy of the Constitution is to allow people of all religions to freely practice, profess and propagate their religion without harming or acting against people who profess or practice a faith. religious different from yours. Therefore, it is an onerous duty of every citizen to respect the feelings of people of another faith even when making a fiction ”.
Referring to certain scenes in the web series, the court observed: “The disputed scenes are likely to cause disturbances and threats to public order. The reference to Hindu gods and goddesses in the disputed scenes in the light of rebuke cannot be justified. ”
The court then observed: “Western filmmakers have refrained from ridiculing Lord Jesus wave Prophet but Hindu filmmakers have done this repeatedly and still do it in the most blatant way with Hindu gods and goddesses. ”
With respect to the plaintiff’s allegation that the crimes against her were not committed and that her company has not been implemented as a defendant, the court said: “The fact is that the plaintiff had not been alert and acted irresponsibly by doing so. open. a criminal prosecution for allowing the projection of a film that goes against the fundamental rights of the majority of the citizens of this country and, therefore, their fundamental right to life and liberty cannot be protected through the granting of an advance bond for her in the exercise of discretionary powers of this court. ”
The court took serious note of the fact that the applicant was not cooperating with the investigation in relation to an FIR filed against her at Hazratganj Police Station, Lucknow, where the court, while examining her application for advance bail, had granted her provisional protection against arrest by order of February 11, 2021.
Taking note of this, the court observed: “This conduct of the plaintiff demonstrates that she has little respect for the law of the land and her conduct further disallows her from any remedy by this court, since cooperation with the investigation is a necessary condition. for the granting of advance bond “.
Previously, the court had reserved its order on February 4, 2021, ordering that until the order is entered in the case, no enforcement action should be taken against Purohit.
The petitioner’s lawyer alleged that the ‘Tandav’ web series was a work of fiction. The applicant did not intend to outrage the religious sentiment of any community.
To recall, on January 19, 2021, a complaint by Balbir Azad of Raunija village was filed under the Greater Noida Rabupura Police Station, alleging that the series showed Uttar Pradesh and its police in low light. .
In addition, he alleged that the series had deliberately denigrated Hindu gods and goddesses. The Prime Minister of India has been depicted as going against democratic norms and deliberate comments have been made to disrupt caste and community friendship. The creators of the series wanted to disturb the peace and quiet in order to earn money.
The state government attorney’s argument was that a total of 10 FIRs and four criminal complaints have been filed related to the disputed web series in the country. It shows that only one person is unaffected by the applicant’s conduct, but several people across the country have felt the web series to be offensive and have therefore filed FIR / complaints.
“It is not an isolated case of an overly sensitive individual filing the FIR against the applicant and other co-defendants regarding the objectionable nature and content of the disputed web series,” added the state government attorney.

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