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National security is no longer limited to defense and military capabilities: Home secy Ajay Bhalla | India News


NEW DELHI: Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla commented on Thursday that the gap between internal security and external threats is narrowing and that national security is no longer limited to military and defense capabilities.
Speaking at a K9 police seminar, Bhalla said: “You know very well that in the current time, national security at all levels has been our top priority. Before, national security was limited only to military and defense capabilities, but now in the present time it is no longer limited to that. The gap between internal security and external threats is decreasing. Terrorism, drug smuggling and ammunition for weapons have increased the scope of our internal security. ”
He said there are some organizations operating outside the country, sending money and training terrorists, adding that the scope of India’s internal security has been expanded.
The Interior Minister also highlighted the important role that soldiers play in electoral tasks, citing the recent District Development Council (DDC) elections held in Jammu and Kashmir.
“In addition to ensuring internal security, the Jawans also play an important role in electoral tasks. Recently, elections were held in Jammu and Kashmir to strengthen the roots of democracy. The DDC elections were held and it was an election peaceful in which the public also participated in a good number, while the Local Police, Central Police Armed Forces (CAPF) and the Army played an important role “.
“The percentage of votes was good, it means that people went out to vote without fear. The CAPF play an important role and the K9 team also played an important role,” he said.
Praising the role of the K9 police squad, Bhalla said: “Dog squads help support our efforts. They have been by our side and will continue to be. They have demonstrated their contribution to defense and security.”
Additionally, he said the role of dog squads has increased at border posts and airports, adding that there has been an effort to promote breeding operations.
“In the case of the K9 Police, the Ministry of the Interior has initiated the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Previously, no steps were issued for the evaluation of dog squads. Last year, an SOP was issued for this purpose The Interior Ministry has left no stone unturned in this direction, “he said.
The Interior Minister also expressed his confidence in ensuring the successful inclusion of dog squads in national security teams.

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