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Modi attacks Rahul for his “north-south” comments and lashes out at Congress for “divide, lie and conquer” | India News


PUDUCHERRY: Attacking Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his recent “north-south” statements, Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged on Thursday that the party’s policy was “divide, lie and rule.”
Without mincing words, he said that the congressional culture of feudal politics, dynasty politics, patronage politics was ending, and people across the country were rejecting the party.
He also expressed shock at Gandhi’s claim that there was no “dedicated” fisheries ministry.
“… They are winners of gold, silver and bronze medals for telling lies,” Modi said while addressing a public meeting in Puducherry, bound for the polls, while saying that the people of the union territory were celebrating the ” freedom from congressional mismanagement. ”
Modi attacked Puducherry’s former chief minister V Narayanasamy, hinting that he headed a ‘high command’ government which served the interests of some congressional leaders in Delhi.
He also criticized him for “lying” about the complaint that a woman filed against the government during the visit of the Congress leader here a fortnight ago.
Launching Puducherry as a region with potential in various sectors, he said that the NDA wanted to make it the BEST, and said the acronym meant that UT is a center for business, education, spirituality and tourism.
Pointing his guns against Congress, whose party-led government fell on Monday after it was reduced to a minority in the wake of resignations, he said that “the congressional culture that has been seen in Puducherry for five years is how the party works a Nacional level”.
“Our colonial rulers had a policy of dividing and winning. Congress has a policy of dividing, lying and governing. Sometimes their leaders put region against region, sometimes they put community against community.”
“They are winners of gold, silver and bronze medals for telling lies,” he said, apparently referring to Gandhi’s recent Kerala statement.
During his visit to Kerala on Tuesday, Gandhi said that he was used to a “different kind of politics” in northern India and that coming to the southern state was “very refreshing” as people are interested in “issues”, which led to the condemnation of the BJP. , whose leaders accused him of an opportunistic anti-North bias.
Modi also confronted Gandhi over his statement that there was no ‘dedicated’ fisheries ministry at the Center, adding that the NDA government had established it in 2019.
“Congressional leaders say we will create a fisheries ministry. I was surprised. The truth is that it is the current NDA government that created a fisheries ministry in 2019.”
“The budget allocated for fishing has grown more than 80 percent in two years,” he said, adding that the previous NDA dispensation under the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee had established a ministry for tribal communities as well.
Referring to the BJP’s sweep at Gujarat’s municipal polls, he said that the number of districts won by the saffron party was ten times that of his party’s archrival’s Congress.
“That’s how big the gap is …” he said.
“People across India are rejecting Congress. Its seats in parliament are the lowest in history. The Congress culture of feudal politics, dynasty politics, patronage politics is ending. India is young, aspirational, and future vision”.
Recalling his previous visit to Puducherry, he said that the excitement and energy are “great” now and that “the winds of change” here are visible today.
He said that people were happy for two reasons, one of which was him, who had launched various development jobs.
The other reason the people of Puducherry were celebrating was “freedom from the mismanagement of Congress,” he said, referring to the fall of the Narayanasamy government.
While people had voted for Congress in 2016 with high hopes that their problems would be solved, after five years they were disappointed and “their hopes and dreams are broken,” he said.
In 2016, the people of the UT did not get a government of people but one that was at the service of the high command of Congress.
“They got a government that was busy serving the high command of Congress in Delhi.”
“Their priorities were different. Their former prime minister was an expert in lifting the shoe of their top party leader, but he had no interest in lifting people out of poverty in Puducherry,” he said, alluding to a past incident involving Narayanasamy and Gandhi. .
During a 2015 visit to flood-affected areas, footage allegedly showing Narayanasamy holding slippers for Gandhi went viral, though the latter claimed that he offered his footwear to the leader of Congress after he took off his shoes to walk through the stagnant water.
“Puducherry deserves a government whose top command is the people and not a small group of congressional leaders sitting in Delhi,” Modi added.
He also lashed out at the former CM for “lying”, referring to a video recently in which he was accused of incorrectly translating a woman’s speech in Tamil to Gandhi.
“A few days ago, the whole nation saw a video. A defenseless woman complained about the Puducherry government, the prime minister (of) the negligence during the cyclone and the floods.”
“You could see the pain in her eyes. You could hear the pain in her voice. Instead of telling the nation the truth, the former CM from Puducherry gave an incorrect translation of the woman’s word. He lied to the people already your own leader. ” Can a party whose culture based on lies ever serve the people? “, I ask.
The congressional government had damaged all sectors of the UT. Traditional mills were closed and industries were in trouble, Modi said, adding that he could understand that Congress does not believe in working for the people.
“What I cannot understand is why Congress does not want others to work,” he said, alleging that the congressional government did not cooperate in the implementation of schemes and no funds were used.
He also wondered why the previous congressional government had not conducted civic polls despite the Supreme Court’s direction and criticized its “undemocratic mindset.”
Modi appealed to the people “to reject the undemocratic forces and support the NDA government and restore Puducherry’s past glory”, in upcoming polls, probably in April.

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