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Manmohan Singh’s Half Brother Refutes Claims of Joining the AAP and Criticizes Party for Misusing the Former Prime Minister’s Name | India News


AMRITSAR: Surjit Singh Kohli, the half brother of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has accused the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of misusing the former Prime Minister’s name to obtain cheap publicity.
Kohli’s statement came after AAP issued a press release on Thursday claiming he had joined the party.
“The AAP got a big boost in Amritsar when former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s cousin, SS Kohli, a retired commander, joined the party, “an official AAP statement read.
When contacted, a shocked Kohli refused to join AAP. Instead, he blamed the AAP for exploiting Manmohan Singh’s reputation for political gain.
“I am a committed congressman and will always be a congressman. AAP should not have used Manmohan Singh’s name to gain publicity, ”he said.
He further said that he is not a retired commander but a businessman.
Despite repeated attempts, AAP spokesman Gurbhej Singh did not respond to inquiries about the incident.

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