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JP Nadda Launches ‘Lokkho Sonar Bangla’ Manifesto Crowdsourcing Campaign | India News


CALCUTTA: BJP chief JP Nadda launched the ‘Lokkho Sonar Bangla’ manifesto crowdsourcing campaign on Thursday to seek suggestions from more than two million people in West Bengal ahead of the upcoming elections to the assembly.
He said the party’s manifesto will emphasize the socio-economic empowerment of the Matua community, women and youth and will end the state’s “cut money” and “unionize” culture.
“The Lokkho Sonar Bangla campaign will begin on March 3 and continue until March 30. Our goal is to reach more than two million people in the state spread across 294 constituencies.
“There will be 30,000 suggestion boxes. We want to seek suggestions from ordinary people in our effort to build Sonar Bangla,” Nadda said during the launch of the program.
Nadda said that the BJP aims to build a West Bengal where women can live without fear and students from the Matua community get education and work to lead a good life.
“We will end Naxalism in West Bengal. We will end coal smuggling and unionization and the culture of money,” he said.
Bengali actor Payal Sarkar joined the saffron festival in the presence of Nadda.
Elections to the assembly in the state must be held between April and May.

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