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It is a conspiracy to protect Mukhtar Ansari from facing trial in UP: Yogi Government | India News


NEW DELHI: Sharp attack on Captain Amrinder Singh’s government for failing to hand over custody of gangster-turned-MLA Mukhtar Ansari, UP government on Wednesday accused Punjab of taking the neta criminal in a well-planned conspiracy to delay trial in ten heinous crimes before a special court in Allahabad.
Yogi Adityanath’s government, through lawyer Garima Prasad, told the SC that Ansari was taken away by Punjab police and confined to Roopnagar jail in a 2019 case of alleged ransom demand, in which the sheet of charges have not been filed even after two years. Yet surprisingly Ansari has not even requested a default bond, which he is entitled to when the police do not complete the investigation and submit a final report within 90 days of the FIR registration, he said.
He said that the superintendent of Banda Jail, who allowed the Punjab police to take custody of Ansari without seeking permission from the special court established to try criminal cases against MPs / MLA, has been suspended by the UP government. .
“Looking at the chain of events and chronology, it appears that the custody transfer of Ansari is meticulously planned and raises a strong suspicion of conspiracy to delay the process before the Special Judge (MP / MLA), Allahabad,” the government said. of the UP seeking an order to the Punjab government to hand over custody of Ansari to UP police for expedited trial in ten heinous cases of murder, extortion, cheating, fraud and crimes under the Prevention of Gangsters and Antisocial Activities Act by UP.
A bench of Justices Ashok Bhushan and RS Reddy postponed the hearing at the request of Punjab lawyer Dushaynt Dave, but not before Attorney General Tushar Mehta vented the UP government’s frustration at the Punjab government’s stubbornness in trying to delay the return of Ansari. “Punjab is blatantly protecting Ansari from facing trial for heinous crimes in UP,” Mehta said.
Lead attorney Mukul Rohatgi told the court that his client was a small fly and wondered why two powerful governments are fighting over him. “If I’m that important, make me the prime minister,” Rohatgi said in a lighter tone. Responding on the same note, Mehta said: “Possibly that is what Punjab is trying to do.” The court postponed the hearing until Tuesday.
In its written submissions, the UP government defended its decision to move to court by invoking Article 32, which the Punjab government had criticized saying that if there was a dispute between two states, then UP should have filed a lawsuit under Article 131 of the Constitution.
The Yogi government said: “The main purpose of the administration of criminal justice is to preserve and protect the rule of law, which involves the application of the law, the maintenance of order, a fair, impartial and speedy trial, the punishment of the offenders, the rehabilitation of the offenders and consolation to the victims of the crimes. Ansari’s interest in avoiding the criminal proceedings pending against him in the UP would be equivalent to a denial of justice to the victims in those cases. ”
“The administration of criminal justice is conferred on the State on behalf of the victims of crimes under the premise that a crime against a citizen is a crime against the State. The UP government has the onerous and main duty to maintain the trust of citizens in the administration of justice under the aegis of the State, “he said.

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