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Accepted TRS Offer to Challenge MLC Survey to Serve People: Vani Devi, Daughter of Narasimha Rao | India News


HYDERABAD: The decision of the ruler TRS in Telangana to grant a ticket to the MLC to the daughter of former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao has come as a surprise given her father’s roots in Congress, but S Vani Devi claims it has been apolitical and agreed. the offer. just to serve the people.
Although she refused to insist on the leadership of Congress without giving her father due recognition, especially after his passing, she nevertheless said that it was the supreme of TRS and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who He took on the centennial celebrations of his birth in a grand way last June. anus.
An educator, the 69-year-old said she has been “apolitical” and that her career has focused on the fields of education and art.
“Whenever I get a chance, it’s a good thing. Serving the nation, it’s a good thing. I can work for more people,” he said.
Vani Devi said that he accepted the offer to contest the upcoming biennial Telangana Legislative Council elections on TRS’s ticket to serve the people through a larger platform, although his father, a native of Telangana and who is credited with having introduced economic reforms in the 1990s, it was a lifetime. long congressman.
TRS has presented Vani Devi as its candidate in the March 14 elections to the Legislative Council of the Mahabubnagar-Rangareddy-Hyderabad Graduate Constituency.
She found serving as an MLC an appropriate area for her, having worked in the education sector for some 35 years.
Serving the people was a quality he inherited from his illustrious father, who led the congressional government from 1991 to 1996 at a critical time, he added.
Vani Devi worked as a lecturer and founded academic institutions, as well as being an acclaimed artist.
On criticism of the Congress for the way it treated Narasimha Rao, Vani Devi, who used to accompany her father during his trips abroad as prime minister, said she was not interested in talking about politics and parties.
“We are not interested in criticizing anyone, anywhere. But, the deal, despite your commitment, dedication, service, loyalty, what answer should I give. The world knows it.
“Those who behaved like this, it is better that you ask them. They know why. I don’t know. Because I’m not in the photo,” he said.
Congress has often come under fire for failing to publicly acknowledge Narasimha Rao’s contributions and, allegedly, for not allowing his mortal remains to be placed at the AICC headquarters in New Delhi after his death.
However, Congress also launched its own one-year birthday anniversary of the former prime minister in July last year, when top leaders, including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, paid him a rich tribute.
Gandhis praise for Narasimha Rao was significant given the cold ties they shared after he became prime minister in 1991. He was the first leader outside of the Nehru-Gandhi family to last a full term as prime minister.
When comparing her father and Chandrasekhar Rao, Vani Devi said that she had observed their personalities.
Narasimha Rao led the country at a critical juncture and Chandrasekhar Rao’s fast helped realize Telangana’s dream of decades of separate statehood, he said.
“The personality (of Chandrasekhar Rao), I felt a certain closeness to my father. I was looking forward to the centennial celebrations (of Narasimha Rao). I set up a small museum with his personal collections so that at least our students would see it. It was small. No it can be bigger. ”
But all of a sudden, the prime minister announced the centennial celebrations on a large scale and thus reached out to people inside and outside the country.
Noting that serving the people was a topic of interest to her, she said there was no reason for her to say no to the offer of an MLC ballot.
When asked why he chose to compete on behalf of TRS even though his father was a congressman, he said he had nothing to do with politics all these years, but that public service is in his blood.
The centennial celebrations have been a massive event in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, while eliciting a tremendous response from foreign countries, he said.
“He (CM) is doing centennial celebrations on such a large scale. Other parties did not speak much. My perspective is not to criticize anyone,” he added.
On some state congressional leaders who criticize TRS’s decision to include her in the MLC election when he could have nominated her as an MLC under the Governor’s quota if she wanted to show her respect to Narasimha Rao, Vani Devi said her father was not in favor of the nominated positions. .
“I will fight. I will go to the public. Only with your acceptance, I will go (arrive) anywhere (as a public representative),” he said, but was quick to add that he found no fault with the nominated positions.

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