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Uttarakhand Gets An All-Female Counter-Terrorism Commando Squad | India News


DEHRADUN: Twenty-two women now form Uttarakhand’s first elite commando force for counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency operations. On Tuesday, the Uttarakhand Police formally incorporated the Women’s Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), ready for its first deployment to Mahakumbh in Haridwar.
“Uttarakhand is now the fourth state in the country to have an elite women’s commando force,” Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat said at the induction ceremony here. The first all-female commando force was the Delhi ATS SWAT team, incorporated in 2018. Earlier this month, Karnataka began training its first group of all-female Garuda commandos, the state’s own counterterrorism force. “This will inspire other women to join the force and serve the country,” added the CM.
The Uttarakhand women’s ATS squad is the first to be trained in VVIP security “alongside the National Security Guard,” the elite counterterrorism unit under the Union Ministry of the Interior, the administration said. The squad has been trained in jungle warfare, counterinsurgency, weapons handling, IED boarding, and in Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense martial art developed by its defense forces.
“It is an elite force and its members have been recruited from the regular police and PAC battalions who had received rigorous training to deal with hostage crises and terrorist attacks,” said Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar.
On the basis of physical strength, stamina and weapons handling, 27 female commandos were initially selected for the two-week pre-command training at the Weapons Training Center (ATC) in Haridwar. Of these, 22 female commandos were shortlisted based on their performance in pre-command training.
Rajeev Swaroop, DIG of the Police Training Center (PTC) at Narendra Nagar in Tehri, said: “They are now receiving a two-month advanced commando training. They have completed the first phase.” His first major assignment, DGP Kumar added, will be at Mahakumbh in Haridwar.

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