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Rahul Gandhi repeats the mistake, promises Ministry of Fisheries in the Center | India News

KOLLAM: Days after wrongly claiming that there is no ministry dedicated to dealing with fishermen’s problems, Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi repeated on Wednesday his promise to form a central ministry dedicated to Indian fishermen.
The congressional deputy’s comments came in an interaction with the fishing community in Thangassery de Kollam.
“Just like our farmers farm the land, you farm the sea. Farmers have a Ministry in Delhi, you don’t. No one speaks for you in Delhi. The first thing I would do is have a ministry dedicated to Indian fishermen so that their problems can be defended and protected, “said the congressional leader in Kollam. He made a similar mistake in Puducherry earlier this month.
Earlier, Rahul Gandhi had demanded the creation of an independent fisheries ministry at a meeting in Puducherry. However, the comments were immediately refuted by the Union’s Fisheries, Livestock and Dairy Minister Giriraj Singh.
Singh had also criticized the congressional leader’s ignorance and his attempt to “spread misinformation.” “Rahul Gandhi is unaware that the prime minister formed a separate ministry for fisheries, animal husbandry and dairy in 2019, adding that Gandhi cannot leave Italy,” the minister said.
Union ministers Giriraj Singh and Smriti Irani also criticized the Wayanad deputy and did so in Italian!
Giriraj Singh tweeted: “Dear Raúl (@RahulGandhi), There is no independent Ministry of Fisheries in Italy. It is under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Politicheagricole.it” (There is no independent Ministry of Fisheries in Italy. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry).
The Union Textiles Minister, Smirti Irani, published “They only know one thing. Spreading lies, fear and misinformation.” (They only know one thing. Spreading lies, fear and misinformation).
Wednesday’s repeated mistake by Rahul Gandhi was also widely mocked on social media as memes and comments flooded various platforms.
Meanwhile, Gandhi further said that a page of the UDF election manifesto will be dedicated to fishermen and urged UDF leaders and fishermen to have discussions in the next 3 weeks to form the manifesto.
“The 5 percent commission will be abolished if you prefer it that way,” he said of an alleged problem that the Kerala state government charges a commission for the sale of fishermen’s products.
Earlier, the congressional deputy also went into deep water with the fishermen, participated in the morning fishing and said the trip to Thangassery waters helped him better understand the tribulations of the fishermen.
On the recent controversy over the alleged agreement on the offshore fishing project between the Kerala government and EMCC International Pvt. Ltd, he said, “I am in favor of competition, but not unfair competition.”
He said that the UDF will implement in Kerala a different version of NYAY in which it is promised to deliver 72,000 rupees to the poor every year.
“Loans and other forms of educational assistance will be given to the fishing community,” he further said.
The Wayanad deputy again criticized the Central Government for the issue of the increase in fuel prices and said that the money that people earn with so much effort is given to few entrepreneurs.
“The price of gasoline has plummeted in the international market, but the price in our country is rising. The government is taking money out of its pockets and handing it over to 2 or 3 businessmen,” he said.

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