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PM wants a “self-sufficient” PPP model for the healthcare sector | India News


NEW DELHI: India is focused on making its health sector self-sufficient with the help of private participation to ensure the country is better prepared to deal with health emergencies in the future, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday. .
In a webinar on the effective implementation of budget provisions in the health sector, the prime minister said that the Center was working on a four-front strategy towards a healthy India at a time when there was increased interest in its vaccines. . “When the Center, states, local agencies and the private sector come together, we will get better results. We have to come up with solutions together and quickly, taking into account the poor, ”he added.
2020 was a litmus test for India: Modi
The prime minister said: “The first strategy is disease prevention and wellness promotion, for which there have been initiatives such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, focused on yoga, care and treatment facilities for pregnant women and newborns, drinking water and sanitation, “the PM said, adding that effective and affordable treatment for the poorest, improved health infrastructure and more health professionals, and time-bound solutions, such as immunization coverage, were the others. objectives.
Calling this year’s healthcare budget “unprecedented,” the prime minister said that last year was a “litmus test” for India and its healthcare sector due to Covid-19, but the country outperformed with success the challenge.
Recognizing the involvement of the private sector and the public-private partnership to combat Covid-19, the prime minister recalled how, in a few months, the country could establish a network of 2,500 laboratories and how it could reach a milestone of 21 million rupees. of tests of a mere dozen tests. “Corona taught us the lesson that we not only have to fight the epidemic, but also prepare the country for any such situation in the future,” he said. He added that Prime Minister Atmanirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana (PMANSBY) has started with this approach in mind.
“Under this scheme, from research to testing and treatment, the idea is to establish an advanced ecosystem within the country. PMANSBY will increase our strength across all spectra … The government’s focus is not only to invest in the health sector, but also to ensure that health services are accessible in the most remote parts of the country, ”said the prime minister.
He spoke about India’s emergence as a major player in the global healthcare sector, especially as it strengthened its position during the pandemic. “Globally, the reputation and trust in the Indian healthcare sector has reached the next level. We have to be prepared for the future with this trust in mind … Medicines and vaccines manufactured in India have also won the trust of the world community, ”Modi said.

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