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Officials were asked to compile actions taken on the issues raised by Prime Minister Mann ki Baat in his Day I speeches | India News


NEW DELHI: Officials from various ministries have a new task to review all of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speeches since 2014 and note his mentions about the respective department or issues related to particular entities. They have been asked to prepare actions taken on these issues.
Some ministries have even issued instructions to different departments to go through the entire Mann Ki Baat, the monthly radio address, which the prime minister has had since 2014 and list the references he has made to issues related to particular departments. Also in this case, they have been asked to prepare the details of the actions taken so far on these issues.
“There has been strict monitoring in all ministries and departments. Since the Prime Minister’s addresses to the nation from the Red Fort or Mann ki Baat are guarantees for the people, it is considered that each department should take the necessary measures. The monitoring of all the problems and the development have been the hallmark of this government, ”said an official.
He added that each secretary in each department receives the complete audio recording and also the literal script from Man ki Baat a day after it is broadcast, and therefore no one can give any excuse not to review them.

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