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There is no obligation to address the judges as ‘My gentlemen’: CJI | India News


NEW DELHI: Chief Justice of India SA Bobde said Thursday that justices have long since emerged from the colonial vestige of being called “my lords” and that no one was obligated to address them as such. Petitioner Abhishek Mishra had a lot to complain about, from the lethargy of the SC registry by including his petition to the lack of mechanism and procedure to allow a petitioner to seek a hearing with the CJI for an urgent list.
The CJI said: “Urgent hearings cannot be granted on the basis of the health status of the petitioner’s family member. It appears that he has a problem with everything, including his defender. He has a problem addressing the judges as ‘Your Honor’. Forcing him to address the judges as ‘Your Honor’? ”
This is a reiteration of what an SC court of justices HL Dattu and Bobde had said on January 6, 2014. The court had said that judges should be addressed in court in a respectful and dignified manner and it was not mandatory to address to them as ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Honor’ or ‘Your Honor’. “When did we say it is mandatory? You can only address us in a dignified way,” Judges Dattu and Bobde had observed during the hearing of a petition that complained that addressing judges as ‘My Lord or Your Honor’ in the Courts was a relic of colonial times and a sign of slavery.

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