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Galwan Clash: China Posthumously Awards Titles to Four Soldiers | India News


NEW DELHI: China on Friday awarded honors and first-class commendations of merit to four soldiers who lost their lives during Galwan’s clash with India in June 2020, while a colonel who was seriously injured received an honorary degree.
“Four Chinese soldiers, who were slaughtered in the border conflict last June, were posthumously awarded first-class honors and merit mentions,” the People’s Daily of Chinese state media quoted the Central Military Commission as saying.

“The Central Military Commission awarded Qi Fabao, the regimental commander of the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, the title of” Hero regimental commander for defending the border, “Chen Hongjun with” Hero for defending the border, “and awarded First-class credit to Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan and Wang Zhuoran, “reported Global Times.

The announcement marks the first public admission by China of its casualties in the Galwan standoff at Line of Actual Control (LAC).

India and China had been involved in a border clash since May last year until they jointly agreed to withdraw their troops and tanks from the shores of Lake Pangong in eastern Ladakh.
Tensions between the two nations escalated when soldiers from the two armies clashed in the Galwan Valley in June 2020.
Twenty Indian soldiers, including a colonel, were killed and several others seriously injured in a violent physical skirmish with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley region of eastern Ladakh. China never officially declared its official casualty count, but various reports have estimated the number to exceed 40.
Recently, the Russian news agency TASS reported that 45 Chinese soldiers were killed in the Galwan clash.

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