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Social humor: Twitter is full of jokes about rising gasoline prices | India News


DISCLAIMER: This is a compilation of humor shared by Internet users around the world. Times of India does not endorse or endorse any of the views shared in this article. The subject is purely satirical.
NEW DELHI. Gasoline and diesel prices continued to rise for the eighth day in a row across the country, with oil boiling on world markets and both crude and commodity prices rose sharply.

One day when gasoline crossed the 100 rupees mark in Rajasthan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the middle class would not have been burdened if previous governments had focused on reducing dependence on India’s energy imports.

The continued rise in gasoline prices followed by the prime minister blaming previous governments for this has led social media users to create memes and jokes to vent their frustration.

Scenes at gas stations these days

Wait for it

Promise kept

Cricket analogy

Raise the bat

Before vs After

How can diesel be far behind?

If it’s getting difficult for the followers

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