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Six arrested for photo of Himanta | India News


GUWAHATI: Six people, including the editor-in-chief and news editor of a Guwahati-based portal, were arrested on Wednesday for alleged “salacious” intent while posting a photo of Assam’s minister Himanta Biswa Sarma hugging his youngest daughter reports Rokibuz Zaman.
The digital news channel Pratibimba Live, which has since gone blank with the message “This website has been suspended for non-payment,” apologized for not mentioning that the girl in the picture was Sarma’s daughter and blamed “others” for sharing with the intent to defame you.
Police jumped into action after Sarma’s wife filed an FIR on Tuesday. They said that four people from the organization were arrested and have been in police custody for five days. In addition to editor-in-chief Taufiquddin Ahmad, news editor Asif Iqbal Hussain, and staff members Nazmul Hussain and Nazrul Hussain, the police detained two others identified as Puli Muchchary of Bodoland Digital and Nang Noyonmoni Gogoi of Spotlight Assam.

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