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Net Congressional Veteran Loyal To The Satish Sharma Family Dies At 73 | India News


NEW DELHI: Captain Satish Sharma, veteran congressional official best known as a friend of Rajiv Gandhi and Gandhi Loyal to the family, he died in Goa after illness. Sharma, 73, was a former trade union minister and also a former member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
Members of Congress, as well as young members, paid rich tributes to Sharma, who was once a strong center of power in the great party by virtue of her proximity to the first family. His loyalist status is attested by the fact that, after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, he contested the constituency of Amethi LS and later became Minister of Petroleum. Later, his tenure came under scrutiny for the allocation of gas pumps as part of political patronage. In 1999, after losing Amethi’s post to BJP’s Sanjay Singh, he was transferred to the Rae Bareli constituency, which was also part of the Gandhi family fiefdom. The man who left the pilot career to enter politics became quite a high flyer in the congressional regime.
In addition to being revered and feared in equal measure in the party, Sharma was also known as the man who cared about the interests of the party. He was also best known as Rajiv Gandhi’s problem solver. But in the 1990s, Sharma also attracted scrutiny for her opulent lifestyle that made big stories in the media. He returned to the spotlight when Congress, as the leader of the UPA, returned to power in 2004 and remained at the top until 2014, although he never made it to Cabinet. His entries ended when in 2016 he was not given another term in RS.

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