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J&K People Suffering Ends August 5, 2019, Lieutenant General Told Foreign Envoys | India News


JAMMU / SRINAGAR: A delegation of envoys from up to 24 countries met with J&K Deputy Governor Manoj Sinha in Jammu on Thursday. The envoys were on a two-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir to have a first-hand assessment of the government’s efforts to restore normalcy and advance developing in the Union Territory.
They also visited the 15 Corps headquarters in Badami Bagh Cantt and interacted with Lieutenant General BS Raju, Commander General of the Chinar Corps, and other senior officers, including Inspector General of Police Vijay Kumar.
“The years of suffering for the people of J&K ended on August 5, 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts led the Union Territory into a new era, which has brought about the socio-economic development of the region and the empowerment of people, ”Sinha said while interacting with the visitors.
The envoys represented the European Union, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Chile, Finland, Bangladesh, Eritrea, Senegal, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, Bolivia, Tajikistan, Estonia, among others.
Speaking about the UT government’s focus areas, the lieutenant governor said that the government is investing more than ever in infrastructure, industries, education, healthcare, skills development, sustainability.
Calling terrorism the greatest enemy of humanity, the Lieutenant Governor said that “despite the tireless attempts of our neighbor to destabilize the security situation and unleash social disharmony through the export of terror, the government is determined to achieve a comprehensive and equitable development of J&K. ”
“Recently, peaceful, violence-free and fair elections were held for the District Development Councils (DDC) and the three-tier panchayat system was established to strengthen grassroots democracy. Now, true democracy is flourishing in the UT, which is not simply about governance, but about the feeling of brotherhood, brotherhood, community harmony and attitude of respect and reverence towards others, ”said Sinha while seeking support from the global community to shape a new future for Jammu and Kashmir.
The envoys were also briefed by representatives of the police and the army about the situation on the ground at the Line of Control and in the interior.
During the visit to the 15th Corps headquarters, where the chiefs of missions asked the 15th Corps Commander questions, the envoys were informed that the general security indicators have improved, although the terrorists still retain the ability to carry out a terrorist act, official sources said.
The Corps Commander also drew attention to the propaganda efforts of Pakistan and the separatists. He shared that the citizens of Kashmir have seen through the lies of cross-border propaganda and are choosing to ignore it.
On de-radicalization efforts, the Corps Commander shared that the main supporters of such efforts are parents, the elders of society, and friends who help in identifying young people vulnerable to radical ideology. A joint effort is made by civil society and the government to advise and support an identified youth.

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