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Internet services disrupted in Pakistan as undersea cable fails | India News


ISLAMABAD: Internet services were hampered in Pakistan on Thursday when the country’s telecommunications authority said one of its six international submarine cables developed a fault.
The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) said the international submarine cable system near Abu Talat, Egypt, developed the fault on Wednesday.
The authority recognized slower internet speeds and frequent outages.
The PTA said the fault developed in SEA-ME-WE 5 (Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5), which is operated by Trans World Associates (TWA).
The Dawn newspaper reported that the TWA had reported on the degradation of service in international connectivity to Europe and said that repair work was underway through international counterparts in Egypt.
“As work continues to eliminate the flaw, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are moving to the reserve capacity maintained by the company,” said a senior Trans World Associates executive.
TWA and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) are the two licensees for international submarine cable landing stations.
While TWA operates SEA-ME-WE 5 and TW-1 (Transworld), the PTCL submarine cable network comprises SMW-3, SMW-4, I-ME-WE and AAE-1.
TWA systems supply about 40 percent of Internet traffic in Pakistan, and the company executive acknowledged that Internet users across the country will experience reduced speeds until users switch.
The fault has occurred in the cable system from France and the TWA executive said ISPs were in the process of shifting cargo to other subsea systems coming from Singaporeaccording to the Dawn newspaper.

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