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How Kiran Bedi Fought His Battle Of Puducherry With Narayanasamy | India News

NEW DELHI: Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi finally had to pay the price for showing activism as the Lieutenant Governor (LG) of Puducherry. She could have claimed that the decisions she made were in the general interest of the Union (UT) territory, but Chief Minister V Narayanasamy constantly complained that she exceeded her mandate from constitutional office.
Bedi faced Narayanasamy shortly after taking over from Puducherry LG on May 29, 2016. The bone of contention between the two was LG’s powers versus CM Puducherry. Bedi never walked the beaten path of an LG.
Bedi did not want to be a “rubber stamp”. This irritated Narayanasamy, who felt that LG was creating a “bottleneck” in UT development.
Complaints of V Narayanasamy
In June 2017, Narayanasamy had asked Bedi to stop interfering in the functions of the prime minister and ministers. He had told him that all posts had their specific authorities and had asked him not to act beyond his mandate.
Citing the Constitution, Narayanasamy had asked Bedi not to interfere in the day-to-day affairs of the government. Chapter III of the Business Rules of the Government of Puducherry deals with the list of Union territories and the obligations of the prime minister and ministers. It clearly states that the LG would act with the help and advice of the council of ministers. Chapter IV, which deals with the Concurrent List, also says that the GL must act on the advice of the CM and ministers, while Chapter V deals with the Union list. Hence the LG does not have much power, he said.
Narayanasamy reasoned that the powers of the CM of Delhi and Puducherry were different. Unlike the CM in Delhi, his counterpart in Puducherry had authority over law and order, land, services and finance.
Narayanasamy said that under normal circumstances, when the assembly existed, the LG functioned only as an “agent of the government.” And when there was no Legislative Assembly, the President can achieve a resolution for peace, progress and good government in articles 239, 239A and 240 of the Constitution, he said.
He always alleged that Bedi behaved in a dictatorial manner and that he had blocked the divestment of the ITDC hotel even though it was because of the wishes of the Narendra Modi government in the center.
Narayanasamy alleged that Bedi would block funding for the viability gap, would not approve files to distribute loans to farmers, and would create obstacles to providing free education to Programmed Caste (SC) students.
Both Nayaranasamy and Bedi had clashed over the Supreme Court ruling on July 4, 2018 regarding the allocation of legislative and executive powers between the elected government of Delhi and the central government along with the Deputy Governor of the National Capital Territory (LG ). The two constitutional chiefs read the sentence to suit their position.
Narayanasamy based his reason on article 239A read in conjunction with provision 1 of article 240 of the Constitution. Article 240 reads: “Power of the president to issue regulations for certain territories of the Union. (1) The president may issue regulations for the peace, progress and good government of the territory of the Union of Pondicherry, as long as it is believed Any body under section 239A to function as a legislature for the territories of the Union of Pondicherry, the president will not make any regulations for the peace, progress and good governance of that territory of the Union with effect from the date appointed for the first meeting of the legislature. ”
He said the elected government in Puducherry wielded more powers than the one in Delhi. He claimed that the Puducherry government had powers over services and finance in addition to land and the police. Even the president has no powers over Puducherry. In this case, its representative, which is LG, cannot claim to have those powers, he said.
Kiran Bedi stand
From the beginning, Bedi did not want to be seen as a “rubber stamp” from LG. She thought that Narayanasamy wanted her to be just a “sponsor”. She would not allow mistakes to happen and people to suffer injustices. She did not want to be an LG that simply cleaned files without seeking clarity, made appointments on whims and fantasies of “vested interests” and released money even though it was not budgeted.
She alleged that Narayanasamy wanted him promoted to officers despite the lack of positions or his poor performance.
Bedi did not want to be a mere spectator like LG and that he remained isolated, did not meet with people, did not question the officers, did not interfere, but simply passed the time and “enjoyed the benefits of an expensive establishment called Raj Nivas” .
As a result, Bedi would summon the chief secretary, secretaries and other officials to Raj Bhavan. He would look up their reports and give them instructions.
He would also go out on the streets and regulate traffic and check if travelers were wearing helmets and seat belts.
Bedi’s over-activism upset Narayanasamy, who thought she was exaggerating her instructions as LG.
Narayanasamy had complained against Bedi to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then-President Pranab Mukherjee and then-Union Interior Minister Rajnath Singh as early as June 2017.
Most recently, he met with President Ram Nath Kovind a few days ago. Finally, their complaints were heard and Bedi was relieved as LG on Tuesday.

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