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Farm Unions Brace For ‘Rail Roko’ Program And Vow To Intensify The Buzz | India News


NEW DELHI: Taking note of the BJP’s high-level meeting on farmers ‘protests, the coordinating body of farmers’ unions opposing central farm laws, Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), said on Wednesday that the party The ruler was doing everything he could to counter the farmers’ movement instead of working to solve the problem.
“It is clear that instead of solving the ongoing fight (over the farmers’ demands), the BJP is doing everything possible to counter it and destroy it (movement),” said Darshan Pal, SKM leader, before four hours of Morcha. National ‘Rail Roko’ (rail blockade) program scheduled for Thursday (12 noon to 4 pm).
He was referring to a meeting of top BJP leaders, including Interior Minister Amit Shah and party chairman JP Nadda, with leaders from Haryana, Rajasthan and western Uttar Pradesh on Monday in the context of a series of ‘mahapanchayats’, held in the last two weeks. , in the region.
“The SKM condemns this attitude of the ruling party and demands that the government solve the farmers’ problems immediately without further delay,” said Darshan Pal, adding that Morcha pledged to intensify the struggle and mobilize more farmers to support him.
The SKM has been demanding the repeal of the three core agricultural laws that were enacted last year to give farmers the option to sell their products outside of regulated ‘mandis’ (agricultural markets), foster the mechanism of under-protection of agriculture by contract and eliminating the inventory limit on agricultural products to attract private investment in storage and cold chain infrastructure.
However, the farmers’ representatives, who campaigned for the repeal of these laws, claimed that these laws would be disastrous for them, as it would make them prone to exploitation by companies.
La Morcha, meanwhile, called on everyone for a peaceful protest during the national ‘Rail Roko’ program.

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