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Army tests new K-9 howitzers in Ladakh | India News


NEW DELHI: The army is now testing whether its new K-9 Vajra self-propelled howitzers can be effectively deployed in Ladakh, even as General MM Naravane installed the last of 100 such artillery guns ordered for Rs 4,366 crore from a joint venture between L&T and South Korea’s Hanwha Defense on Thursday.
Three of the K-9 155mm / 52 caliber tracked guns, which have an attack range of 38 km, have been brought to a base in the Ladakh hills to determine their suitability and effectiveness for deployment in the region of high altitude.
Based on the performance of the howitzers, the Army could consider placing additional orders for them. “The weapons were installed for deserts and plains. Some additional kits would be needed for high altitude conditions where temperatures can drop well below minus 20 degrees Celsius, ”said a source.
The 100th cannon, which is the Indian version of South Korea’s K-9 ‘Thunder’ howitzer, was pointed out by the army chief of L & T’s Armored Systems Complex (ASC) at Hazira, near Surat, in Gujarat.
“The production of complex platforms such as the K-9 Vajra contributes to the Indian economy with a great multiplier effect, creates new job opportunities and plays an important role in improving the industrial ecosystem of India,” said JD Patil, Director and Vice President senior executive (defense and smart technologies) at L&T.
The order for the K-9 Vajra weapons was placed in 2017, which together with the $ 737 million deal with the US government for 145 M-777 ultralight howitzers finally broke the 30-plus-year Bofors curse of the indian army. .

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