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46% prefer bus trips to the mountains followed by the beaches with 28%: survey | India News


MUMBAI: A latest online survey of bus travelers shows that 46% of respondents prefer a trip to the mountains, followed by the beaches with 28%. Air-conditioned buses are also making a comeback with their preference levels rising to 50%, up from 39% in June last year, the survey showed.
The survey, conducted by redBus, an online bus ticketing platform, further indicated that when it comes to religious travel, Tirupati (26%) and Shirdi (12%) are the most popular pilgrimage destinations, followed by Madurai. , Nashik and Varanasi.
“The preference for business and leisure travel has increased compared to the pre-Covid period,” he said. “The survey shows intention to travel more frequently over the next 3-6 months, with 48% of respondents seeking to travel at least once a month after 3-6 months, leading to travel intent to pre-Covid levels when it was around 47%. ”
With intercity travel gradually returning to its pre-Covid levels, the most important factors for remote station travel besides safety / hygiene, according to respondents are: Having a comfortable ride; Reliable schedules and punctuality; and Cost of travel, mentioned the survey. “One behavioral change that has been evident after Covidis is the increased preference for booking bus tickets online. This was evident in the survey with 95% of respondents mentioning that they would prefer to book their bus tickets online. now, “he said.
The main advantages associated with booking online according to the respondents are: Selecting a seat of their choice on the bus; The convenience of booking anytime, anywhere; Wide range of bus operators to choose from and avoid long lines / unnecessary exposure at bus stations.
Commenting on the survey data, Prakash Sangam, executive director of redBus, stated: “The results of this survey have not only provided a unique insight into the growing demand for travel in India, but also reaffirmed the notion that the strong Industry comeback is established. to advance at a higher speed in the coming months. Most people now prefer to book bus tickets online as travelers take advantage of and maintain the habit of transacting online from the comfort of their homes. ”

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