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The world looks to India with higher hopes and expectations: PM Modi | India News


NEW DELHI: It’s a time when the world looks to India with more hope and expectation than ever before, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said while addressing the National Association of Software and Technology Companies Forum (NTLF). Services (NASSCOM) on Wednesday.
“As difficult as the challenge is, we should not think of ourselves as weak or walk away in fear of challenges. During Covid, our science and technology were not only tested, but also evolved,” he said.
Praising India’s self-reliance in solving the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Modi said that we are an inspiration to the whole world. “There was a time when we depended on other nations even for the smallpox vaccine. Now we are providing vaccines made in India Corona to various countries. The solutions that India gave during Corona are an inspiration to the whole world.”
Modi praised the work of the IT industry during the pandemic, saying: “At a time when all sectors were affected due to Corona, it achieved 2% growth. It is commendable if India’s IT industry adds 4 thousand millions of dollars to its income at a time when suspicions of degrowth were being thrown. ”
The 29th edition of NTLF is organized from February 17 to 19. It is the flagship event of the National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM).
The theme of this year’s event is “Shaping the Future Toward a Better Normal.”
The APMO statement said the event will host 1,600 participants from more than 30 countries and that more than 30 products will be showcased over three days.

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