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Opposition Leaders Praise Delhi Police for Restraint in Handling January 26 Violence | India News


NEW DELHI: Opposition MPs on the permanent parliamentary committee for home affairs appreciated Tuesday the handling of violence by Delhi police that erupted during the farm tractor rally here on January 26, despite the fact that The ‘sedition’ case against the young activist Disha Ravi found no mention in the panel discussion on the demands for grants from the Ministry of the Interior, the Delhi Police and the Central Police Armed Forces (CAPF).
TOI learned that Punjab Congressman Rajya Sabha MP Ravneet Singh ‘Bittu’, during the standing committee meeting chaired by MP Anand Sharma here on Tuesday, praised the Delhi police’s restraint in handling the protests. violent. It is said that he observed that, whereas elsewhere, violence of such magnitude would have resulted in the firing of bullets, the Delhi police were restrained and “did a good job” ensuring that there was no loss of life. His opinion was supported by others, including the committee chairman.
Bittu, by the way, has been at the forefront of protests against the three agrarian bills and had even shouted slogans during the president’s speech at the joint session of Parliament on January 29, to express his solidarity with farmers.
Interestingly, while Disha Ravi’s arrest was not specifically raised at Tuesday’s meeting, Anand Sharma stressed that India, being a large country and strong enough to take on China, should not be easily overwhelmed or destabilized by comments from one or two people and avoid more -reacting to problems. He stressed that all bodies must uphold the fundamental rights of all citizens.
Sharma is also said to have pointed to how “more and more” malware is being used to place evidence on computers and digital devices, in an apparent reference to the alleged findings of a US forensic firm in the case against Bhima-Koregaon. , accused of Rona Wilson. Calling this “incorrect”, the committee chairman said that evidence against a person must be truthful and confirmed by forensic and judicial scrutiny.
At Tuesday’s meeting, the Home Secretary made a presentation to panel members on the MHA, CAPF and Delhi Police grant demands for 2021-22, followed by a discussion.

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