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Give legal guarantee to the MSP for all crops in all states: SC panel said | India News


NEW DELHI: Many farmer organizations that presented their views to the Supreme Court appointed committee have proposed a legal guarantee for purchases at a minimum support price (MSP) even though most of them support the new laws agricultural.
Some of the organizations requested that the price be decided on the basis of comprehensive cost. The three-member committee, so far, has heard views from different stakeholders, including 81 farmer organizations from across the country, during nine separate meetings in the past three weeks. However, the agricultural unions agitating for the repeal of the agricultural laws did not meet with the panel based on their joint position not to appear before it.
Sources familiar with the panel’s ongoing deliberations said that although the representatives of most organizations did not have many problems with agricultural laws, as they seemed to be convinced with such legislation with certain amendments suggested by the government, they strongly advocated a legal guarantee for the acquisitions in MSP of the 23 crops in all the states.
During their presentation to the panel, which includes agricultural economist Ashok Gulati, agricultural policy expert Pramod Joshi and Shetkari Sanghatana President Anil Ghanwat, it was learned that they have raised concerns that the acquisition is currently being made primarily for wheat and rice. and on a limited basis for legumes and oilseeds, and that too only in a few states. The sources said that some of the representatives even pointed to the integral cost problem, saying that the current formula for calculating the MSP does not reflect the real cost unless it takes into account the imputed rent from the land owned and the interest imputed on the property. owned capital.
Government entities such as the FCI and the Agricultural and Processed Products Export Development Authority, cooperative organizations such as Amul and industrial organizations such as IIC and FICCI also presented their views.

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