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Disha can talk to family and lawyers, get food from home | India News


NEW DELHI: Climate activist Disha Ravi, who was sent into police custody for five days on Sunday, will now have access to her lawyer, time to talk with family, warm clothes, books and home-cooked food.
A Delhi court also ordered Delhi police on Tuesday to hand over a copy of the FIR and other documents related to his arrest. Metropolitan Chief Magistrate Pankaj Sharma ordered the police to provide him with the copies of the arrest memorandum and the pre-trial detention document, which were posted to request his custody questioning.
Disha can speak with his family members on the phone for 15 minutes a day and meet with his lawyer for 30 minutes a day, while in police custody, the court said in a request filed by Ravi, now armed with a regular lawyer.
She was arrested at her Bengaluru residence on Saturday for allegedly editing and sharing a “toolkit” on social media related to the farmers’ protest. The police claimed that his interrogation in custody was necessary to investigate an alleged larger conspiracy against the government.

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