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Desi Company, which helps to train astronauts, signs a space tourism agreement | India News

BENGALURU: Amid all the buzz surrounding manned space programs around the world, an Indian startup that has been quietly supporting the training of international astronauts for International Space Station (ISS) missions now seeks to promote space tourism alongside with a state Russian space organization. He has also offered to partner with Isro for the training of Gaganyaan.
With offices in Bengaluru and Chennai, Valles Marineris International, named after the canyon system on Mars, has supported its Russian partner Aviakom to supply simulators used for astronaut training at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (GCTC) in Moscow.
The simulator has already been used to train astronauts from the US, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, among others. Japanese astronaut Sôichi Noguchi, who was part of SpaceX Crew-1, is among them.
“We have been working since 2016. Astronaut training involves many simulators and the Aviakom simulator, whose design and development we support, is also used to train astronauts from different countries in Russia. We are now in the process of preparing another simulator for the enhanced version of the Soyuz spacecraft, ”Jayakumar Venkatesan, CEO of Valles Marineris, told TOI.
The Soyuz flight simulator, the companies said, is designed to simulate flight into space, visit low Earth orbit, fly around the International Space Station, and even dock it.
“One will be able to see the launch pad of the Baikonur cosmodrome, feel the dynamics of the flight, the vibrations of the launch vehicle and the Soyuz spacecraft, hear their noises, look through the windows of the spacecraft and admire our beautiful planet and starry sky. from Earth’s orbit “, according to Valles Marineris.
Edu Simulators and space tourism
Venkatesan added that in addition to professional training simulators, the firm also offers hobbyist simulators for educational purposes.
“We are organizing international Mars / Moon analog astronaut missions with the Analog Astronaut Training Center (AATC) in Poland and we plan to establish AATC in India and Chile,” he said.
And, as recently as last week, the company finalized a cooperation agreement with Glavkosmos, a subsidiary of the Russian space organization Desi cRoscosmos, to partner in promoting space tourism.
“The memorandum on cooperation for Earth observation services, space education programs, manned space flight research activities, space tourism and commercial space operations was signed with Glavkosmos on February 10. If all goes according to plan, the space tourism portion should start by 2023, ”Venkatesan said.
Gagnayaan simulators
In addition, Valles Marineris has responded to the expression of interest expressed by Isro for the installation of simulators for the Gaganya astronauts.
The TOI was the first to report that Isro will build simulators at a URSAC facility in Bengaluru to train elected Indian astronauts for the first human space mission after their return from Russia. The four elected Indian astronauts are in the final phase of training at GCTC in Moscow under an agreement with Glavkosmos.
“Given our experience, we believe that we have the experience to meet Isro’s requirements, but it is the agency that must decide. We are waiting for an answer, ”Venkatesan said.

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