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75% of Tuesday’s Covid Cases in Kerala and Maharashtra | India News


Maharashtra recorded more than 3,000 new Covid-19 cases for the seventh day in a row, while Kerala’s count returned to nearly 5,000, as the two states accounted for nearly three-quarters of all recorded cases in the country on Tuesday.
India reported 11,574 new coronavirus cases, of which 8,600 came from the two states. While Maharashtra recorded 3,663 new cases, Kerala’s count stood at 4,937.
Infections in Kerala had fallen by 9% last week (Feb 8-14), while the pandemic showed signs of a resurgence in Maharashtra, with weekly cases increasing by almost 15%.
The nationwide death toll from the virus hit 100 again after staying below that mark in the past three days. India reported exactly 100 deaths on Tuesday, with data from Assam yet to come. Maharashtra reported 39 deaths, followed by 18 in Kerala, six in Chhattisgarh and five in Punjab.
The national case count on Tuesday was higher than the count recorded last Tuesday (10,723), indicating that Covid numbers could see a slight increase this week if the spike continues in Maharashtra. India has so far recorded 1,09,37,140 cases, while 1,55,944 people have succumbed to the infection. Delhi reported only 94 new cases. One death was registered, with a balance of 10,894 victims.

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