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With no toilets at home, Congressional politician’s nomination is rejected in Gujarat | India News


AHMEDABAD: She owns Rs 15 lakh in gold, a flat in Naroda and drives a Rs 10 lakh SUV, but on Monday, the nomination of Krina Patel, the Singarva congressional candidate for the Ahmedabad district panchayat, was rejected as a house in the village of Kanbha it has no bathroom.
During the scrutiny of his form, his rival in the BJP opposed his candidacy and claimed that Krina “lied” in her affidavit claiming that she had a bathroom at her home in Kanbha, from where she submitted her nomination.
Komal Patel, Daskroi’s counting officer, told TOI: “During the counting, a BJP member and his candidate objected saying that Krina did not have a bathroom at her residence in Kambha.” SDM said Krina admitted that she did not have a bathroom. “We asked him to put it in writing, which he did. Then we had to reject his nomination, ”Patel said.

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