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Tool Case: Delhi Police Seek Zoom Information At Jan 11 Meeting; funding, WhatsApp group under investigation | India News


NEW DELHI: Stepping up their investigation into the toolkit case, Delhi Police on Tuesday sought details from the Zoom videoconferencing platform about the participants of the January 11 meeting for a pro-Khalistan group, while investigators also they were looking into the financing aspect, the sources said. .
Meanwhile, the Delhi Women’s Commission sent a notice to city police about the arrest of climate activist Disha Ravi in ​​the case and requested a report by Friday on issues such as why she was allegedly not provided with a lawyer from your choice when presented in court. .
However, Police Commissioner SN Shrivastava denied any mistakes.
“Disha Ravi’s arrest has been carried out in accordance with the law, which does not distinguish between a 22-year-old or a 50-year-old,” he told reporters at an event while dismissing criticism of the police action against Ravi.
Sources said police are also likely to approach WhatsApp for details on the ‘International Farmers’ Strike’ group created in December last year, they said.
According to the police, Disha Ravi, together with Mumbai lawyer Nikita Jacob and Pune engineer Shantanu, created the “toolkit” related to farmers unrest and shared it with others to “tarnish” India’s image.
Police claimed on Monday that Disha, 22, who was arrested in Bangalore on Saturday, sent the “toolkit” to teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg through the Telegram app and also “convinced her to take action.”
Police alleged that Nikita Jacob and Shantanu were among about 70 people who had attended the meeting organized by the pro-Khalistan Poetic Justice Foundation through the Zoom app, days before the Republic Day violence in the capital. nationwide that left more than 500 police officers injured. and a dead protester.
Police sources claimed that Shantanu was in the national capital between January 20 and 27, but did not give further details.
“The Delhi Police have written to the Zoom video conferencing application seeking details of the participants who attended the meeting on January 11,” the official said.
“We are also trying to probe the funding module in the case of the toolkit,” said a source.
Officials said police have so far not received a response from Google about the document under investigation.
On Tuesday, DCW asked police to provide a copy of the FIR on file in the matter and the reasons for allegedly not presenting Ravi in ​​a local court for pretrial detention.
He also asked the reasons why he allegedly did not provide an attorney of his choice when she was presented in court here, and a detailed report of the actions taken, according to a statement.
The commission has asked the police to provide the information before Friday, he added.
On Monday, the Joint Commissioner of Police (Cyber), Prem Nath, had alleged that the email account created by Shantanu is the owner of this Google document.
“Mo Dhaliwal, founder of the pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation (PJF) group, had contacted them (Jacob and Shantanu) through a Canada-based woman named Punit,” Nath said.
“Nikita and Shantanu attended a Zoom meeting hosted by FSY on January 11 where modalities were decided to create the ‘toolkit’ entitled ‘Global Farmers Strike’ and ‘Global Day of Action, January 26’ “Nath had said Monday.
Thunberg had shared the ‘toolkit’ to support farmers’ agitation against the three land reform laws. In the document, several urgent actions are listed, including the creation of a Twitter storm and protests in front of the Indian embassies, to gain support for the farmers’ protest.
Some critics have cited the “toolkit” as “proof” of a conspiracy to stoke protests in India.
Earlier this month, Cyber ​​Cell had filed an FIR against the “pro-Khalistan” creators of the “toolkit” for waging a “social, cultural and economic war against the Government of India.”
The case was recorded in various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including criminal conspiracy and sedition.
Police also said they are also investigating the role of a man named Peter Friedrich in connection with the “toolkit” case.
Police said Friedrich has been on the radar of Indian security establishments since late 2006, when he was seen in the company of Bhajan Singh Bhinder, alias Iqbal Chaudhary.
“He (Bhinder) has been one of the main advocates of ISI’s K2 desk. Friedrich was associated with him,” police said.
“Disha and his associates will answer why his (Peters) name appears in the document or why it should be followed (to Friedrich). Whether they contacted Friedrich through Mo Dhaliwal or contacted him directly is a matter of investigation.” added. said a senior police officer.
Thousands of farmers protesting the Center’s new farm laws had clashed with the police during their tractor rally on January 26.
The rally had dissolved into scenes of unprecedented anarchy as protesters fought with police, overturned vehicles and launched a national insult by raising a religious flag from the walls of the Red Fort, a privilege reserved for the Indian tricolor.

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