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Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Rejects Kumaraswamy’s Accusations of “Nazi” Profiling | India News


UDUPI: Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra, a trust created by the union government for the construction and management of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, has categorically rejected allegations of ‘Nazi’-style profiling of people as part of its ongoing fundraising campaign for the temple. The strong pushback comes after tweets from HD Kumaraswamy, the former chief minister, accusing the Trust and RSS of running such a campaign.
Sri Vishwaprasanna Thirtha, Trustee of the Trust, rejected the charges outright and urged Kumaraswamy not to make any accusations without a semblance of proof, and criticized the former CM for presenting accusations without proof, it is totally wrong. “The accusation of leveling is not bad,” he said, adding that both the RSS and the Trust cannot and will not give any such instructions to their cadres and volunteers.
Kumaraswamy on Monday tweeted that “It appears that those who are collecting donations for the construction of Ram Mandir have been separately marking the houses of those who paid money and those who did not. This is similar to what the Nazis did in Germany during Hitler’s regime when thousands of people lost their lives. Historians say that RSS was born at the same time that the Nazi Party was founded in Germany, ”Kumaraswamy said.
“There is concern about what will happen if the RSS tries to implement similar policies adopted by the Nazis. The fundamental rights of the people are being taken away in the country now … This is nothing more than an undeclared emergency,” said the former CM .
The seer said the response to the fundraising campaign has been overwhelming. Organizers are facing a shortage of coupons and printed receipt books to keep the entire fundraising campaign transparent. “If the list of homes has at all been prepared, it is to make it easier for volunteers to return to those homes and then collect funds with the receipt,” said the seer.
About former CM Siddaramaiah who refused to donate to the temple fund, the seer said that the Trust is not forcing anyone to donate to the project, leaving it to the discretion of the people. Refusing to react to Siddaramaiah’s comment that the Ram Temple site is in dispute, the seer said that the Supreme Court has ruled on this matter. “I have my own doubts about the people who disrespect the verdict of the supreme court,” said the seer.

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