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Covid: After 42 days, Maharashtra tops the list of new cases | India News


Maharashtra recorded the highest number of new Covid-19 cases in the country on Monday, occupying Kerala’s dubious number one position after 42 days.
The state recorded 3,365 new cases more than Kerala’s count of 2,884 on Monday. The last time it recorded the highest daily count of cases in the country was on January 4.
India recorded 9,093 new Covid-19 cases, higher than the counts for the past two Mondays, when 8,584 and 8,712 cases were reported, respectively. The new case count drops every Monday due to decreased testing and a shortage of staff over the weekend. The cases this Monday came out of less than 4.9 lakh of tests, the lowest number of daily tests conducted in India in more than six months.
This was the highest number of cases detected in Maharashtra on a Monday since November 30. The state also reported 23 deaths. Its total number of cases is now 20,67,643 and the number of victims 51,552. For the past six days in a row, the state has reported more than 3,000 cases daily.
India reported 82 deaths from the virus on Monday, bringing the total to 1,55,844. The country’s number of cases was slowly approaching the 11 million mark at 10,925,567.

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