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Build a Monument to the Martyrs of the Anti-CAA Uprising, Says Congress | India News


GUWAHATI: Although the BJP has been silent on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in Assam, which the opposition says is possibly to avoid the ire of indigenous communities, Congress announced on Tuesday that the party will build a monument to commemorate the martyrdom of anti-CAA protesters who sacrificed their lives to save ‘Assamese pride’.
The movement against the CAA lost its vigor in Assam with the imposition of a national lockdown due to the outbreak of the pandemic. But with Rahul Gandhi stating that the CAA is a big problem in the upcoming assembly elections, Congress said anti-CAA sentiments have been reawakened. The statement by state congressional leaders came just two days after RaGa firmly declared that Congress will abide by the Assam Accord and will not implement the “failed CAA” if it took power.
“After winning the elections, we will pay tribute to the popular anti-CAA movement that has been under way in Assam for the past few years. The monument will commemorate the struggles and sacrifices of the people, the protest songs and paintings, ”said Pradyut Bordoloi, chairman of the Congressional campaign committee, on Tuesday.
Assam Pradesh Congressional Committee Chairman Ripun Bora said the grand monument will be built in the capital, Guwahati. “In the coming months, Guwahati will see a new landmark: a large monument in memory of the anti-CAA movement that will be built by the incoming government of Congress. This will be the status message to BJP. No CAA in Assam, ”Bora told reporters.
As Congress reiterates its position to welcome all anti-CAA and anti-BJP fronts to its grand alliance, Congressional Manifesto committee chairman Gaurav Gogoi said the Grand Old party will not allow the ultimate sacrifice of the anti-CAA protesters to no avail. .
“The fight against power is the fight of memory against oblivion. Congress promises to build a monument to the anti-CAA movement after winning the election. Assam doesn’t want CAA, “Gogoi said.
Congressional leaders are campaigning hard against the CAA as they tour 126 constituencies through the “Axom Basaon Ahok” (Save Assam) Yatra.
“We will never forget the black law of the BJP, the repression, the repression, the arrest of people who dared to oppose the CAA. Assam will win, ”said Congress leader Rakibul Hussain.
Congressional leadership is interacting with and receiving feedback from all sectors of society on unemployment and other pertinent issues plaguing the state. But the CAA is at the top of its statute. Unlike the BJP leaders for whom the “development agenda” has overtaken the CAA, Congress Member Abdul Khaleque said: “We want to make sure that future generations remember how people stood up to the autocratic rule of the BJP and its imposition of an anti-Assamese law “. . ”

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