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Arunachal emerges as the state with the best Covid recovery rate: Ministry of Health | India News


GUWAHATI: The border state of Arunachal Pradesh has emerged as the state with the best Covid recovery rate in the country, touching nearly 99.56%, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday.
The Union Territories, however, have had a better track record. Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli are slightly ahead with a recovery rate of 99.88%.
The virus made a deep penetration into the state despite the reinforced Royal Line of Control denying the possibility of the virus being physically transmitted to the state. But the spread of the infection resulted in the expulsion of workers from neighboring Assam and other states during the months of closure.
Many believe that the difficult terrain became an asset during the time that naturally isolated the inhabitants. “The terrain has been the main reason why we have been less affected. Even now, about 700 people are getting tested. The rate is very good for a state with a population of 14-15 lakh, ”said Arunachal Pradesh Health Secretary P Parthiban. He added that the treatment protocol was followed even in the most remote districts to isolate cases in early stages. “It’s not just the recovery rate, the death rate is also one of the lowest in the state,” he said.
Strict measures were even taken to control the trucks bringing essential items from other states to the ILP (interior line permit) protected by Arunachal.
Starting in October, once the holiday season unfolded, many in other states began to disobey Covid’s safety rules. Masks and social distance were put aside. But in Arunachal, projections continued at about 11 entry points through about December of last year.
While the country’s Covid-19 recovery rate has touched 97.32%, among the best in the world, seven NE states, excluding Sikkim, have a better recovery percentage than the national average. Arunachal Pradesh is followed by Mizoram (99.36). The other five NE states that are among the 31 states and UT with better than the national average are Tripura (98.82), Nagaland (98.80), Assam (98.76), Manipur (98.46) and Meghalaya (98.02).
As on February 16 (as of 8 a.m.), the cumulative number of frontline and healthcare workers vaccinated against Covid-19 in the country exceeded 87 lakh. Assam remains far ahead of other NE states in terms of vaccination. Including both doses, a total of 1,32,475 healthcare workers have been vaccinated in the state.

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