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Wood Mafia attacks MP forest guards with axes, injures three | India News


BHOPAL: Three forest department staff were seriously injured after logging mob thugs attacked them with axes in a jungle near Panna National Park on Saturday. One of them fights for life.
This comes less than 10 days after a forest guard was shot dead in Dewas by suspected poachers. On Saturday night, forest guards Chatrapal Lodhi, Swamideen Kushwah and Govind Singh Yadav were patrolling their place when they heard the sound of an ax striking wood. They followed the noise and found a dozen men chopping down trees in a patch of forest in the Vishramganj Range of North Panna Division.
Although unarmed and outnumbered, the guards challenged the gang, but the thugs rushed towards them with axes. All three were brutally attacked, but Govind managed to escape the tumult and hide in a bush. It was he who stumbled out of the forest three hours later to seek help for his companions who lay bleeding.
SDO (forest) Dinesh Singh Gaur said Lodhi is the most seriously injured. Three suspects were detained in a nearby town known for logging. Many villagers are part of a mafia chain involved in smuggling wood from the forests, he said. Considering the risk to forest guards, revenue and police personnel will now join them in patrolling the forests, Gaur said.

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