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UP assent to prosecute 67 reserved for anti-CAA uproar | India News


BIJNOR: The government of Uttar Pradesh has sanctioned the initiation of a trial against 67 people booked in the Bijnor district for allegedly participating in clashes during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) on December 20, 2019.
Shortly after the violent protests, the local police presented four FIRs in which 67 people, including a former president of Nagar Palika, were booked.
The cases were filed under various sections of the IPC, including 153-A (Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and performing acts detrimental to the maintenance of harmony ) and 295- A (Damaging or desecrating a place of worship with the intention of insulting religion of any kind). To start the trial against people registered under these sections of the IPC, a prior sanction from the state or central government is mandatory.
The police had filed a provisional indictment sheet against the defendants and were awaiting the impeachment sanction from the government it obtained last week. Like Bijnor, several other districts have also applied for the sanction.
SP Dharamveer Singh of Bijnor said: “After gathering evidence against the accused, we had asked the regime for permission to prosecute IPC 153-A. The government has granted permission. “An additional attorney for the district government said:” The police filed a provisional charge sheet in relation to the protests against the CAA in court. They had requested permission from the state for prosecution under sections 295-A and 153-A. The court considers the previous two sections only when the government gives its approval. Most of the defendants are free on bail. ”
Massive protests and clashes were witnessed in Bijnor on December 20, 2019. Eight villages in the district, including Bijnor, Nahtaur, Jalalabad, Nagina, Chandpur, Najibabad and Sherkot, were affected. The protesters reportedly burned vehicles and smashed shops. Two of them died in Nahtaur. The administration had assessed the damage to public property at Rs 21.7. Recovery notices were also sent to 61 protesters. More than 1,000 protesters were booked. Of them 150 were arrested.

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