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Toolkit Conspiracy Case: Nikita, Shantanu, Disha, Creators of Document Leading to Jan 26 Violence, Delhi Police Say | India News


NEW DELHI: Delhi police on Monday identified the creators and editors of the toolkit document that was created to gain traction on social media for farmers’ protests but has now been linked to the violence that took place. during the tractor rally on January 26.
The Delhi police investigation has revealed the involvement of Khalistani groups in creating the toolkit that aimed to create a “Twitter storm” and enable “disaffection towards the Indian state,” said Deputy Commissioner Prem Nath. of Delhi police, cyber cell in a press on Monday.
Nikita Jacobs, Shantanu identified as creators of the toolkit
The Delhi police have identified Nikita Jacobs, Shantanu, Punit and Disha Ravi as the creators of the toolkit, who also edited it after Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg shared it and subsequently deleted it on her Twitter account.
The senior Delhi police officer said that several screenshots of the toolkit openly available on the internet were investigated and once the investigation obtained enough information, the police obtained search warrants on February 9.
“On February 11, a special cellular team arrived in Mumbai and conducted a search of Nikita Jacob’s home. She was not available. Her electronic devices were examined,” Nath said.
The email account created by Shantanu is the owner of this toolkit document and everyone else is its publishers, the lead police officer said.
We will visit Jacob’s home again for questioning, police said.
Disha Ravi deleted the WhatsApp group
Delhi Police Jt. CP Nath said that the Police took action against Disha Ravi because he removed a WhatsApp group that was created to collaborate on the toolkit.
On Sunday, a Delhi court granted five-day custody to 21-year-old climate activist Disha Ravi, who is based in Bangalore and has been associated with the India chapter of Thunberg’s FridaysForFuture campaign.
“Incriminating data was found on Disha’s phone. The toolkit was created to create discontent,” Nath said.
The Khalistani angle
According to the Delhi Police investigation, Nikita Jacobs, Shantanu, Punit and Disha Ravi met with Mo Dhaliwal on Zoom of the Poetic Justice Foundation ahead of the January 26 violence.
“Dhaliwal contacted Nikita Jacob through his colleague Puneet. The motive was to create a storm on Twitter before Republic Day. There was a zoom meeting attended by Dhaliwal, Nikita, Disha and others,” according to Delhi Police sources.
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