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The water in the glacier was the real culprit of the floods: geologist | India News

DEHRADUN: Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University geologist Naresh Rana, who was one of the first experts to notice the formation of a new lake at the site of the floods, told TOI that while an avalanche may have acted as a trigger , the accumulated water inside the glacier was the “real culprit”.
“Glaciers have often accumulated water within their crevices or in small subglacial lakes. In this case, the water must have reached its saturation point. Any avalanche or landslide can disrupt the glacier process and break its reservoir, causing a sudden increase in water outflow. Then it flows along with heavy sediment at a rapid speed along a steep slope. “He added that” if it had been just an avalanche, it would have been confined to the valley. “” It was the accumulated water within the glacier, pierced by an avalanche, which caused the river to rise, which caused flash floods ”.
Meanwhile, scientists at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology said that a chunk of hanging glacier, some 500 meters long, had detached and fell into the Raunthi River, causing “an explosion like a sound”. This was at 2:30 am. For the next eight hours, a mixture of ice, water and rocks washed up on Rishiganga, causing the flash flood.

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