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Sushant’s ‘Fake’ Medication Prescription Case: Bombay HC Gives Sister Relief, Refuses Another’s Request | India News


MUMBAI: On Monday, the Mumbai High Court gave relief to Mitu Singh, sister of Sushant Singh Rajput in a fake drug prescription case, while rejecting the request for annulment of FIR filed by Priyanka Singh.
The two sisters, Priyanka Singh and Meetu Singh, had applied to the HC last year to request warrants to annul a FIR of September 7, 2020 filed at Bandra Police Station by actor and Rajput’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, against him.
The FIR came forward against them and a doctor for allegedly procuring a false prescription of antidepressants for their brother and accused them of instigating his suicide last June.
The FIR against Meetu Singh is annulled.
Satish Maneshinde, Rhea’s defender, said: “We are satisfied with the verdict. It seems that ultimately Rhea Chakraborty’s cry for justice and truth has prevailed.”
Lawyer Madhav Thorat, representing the sisters, said he would study the sentence and decide on the next legal recourse to be taken for Priyanka.
In their petition, Priyanka (38) and Meetu (45) had alleged that the FIR relied on a “fabricated story” and “baseless accusations, unsubstantiated facts and speculations” of Rhea Chakraborty to avoid its own arrest.
Chakraborty, in turn, said it was “absurd” to suggest that he had filed the complaint to avoid arrest.
The HC court of judges SS Shinde and MS Karnik delivered the verdict on Monday in the physical court proceedings.
While the matter was reserved for trial last month, the bank had some words of praise for the late actor.
“You can see from his face that he was innocent and sober and a very good human being. Even in MS Dhoni (film), everyone loved him … They liked him, especially in that film, ”the bench had said.
Lead attorney Vikas Singh, who had flown in from Delhi to defend the sisters’ case, along with her Mumbai defender, Thorat, had said that the Chakraborty FIR was a “reverse case” as it was being investigated by the Office. Central Investigations (CBI) for complicity in the suicide case presented by Rajput’s father.
She had also said that she had given three different versions on different forums and it was she who admitted to having blocked her calls in her last days.
However, Rhea Chakraborty’s attorney, Satish Maneshinde, had refuted all the allegations and said that her complaint concerned a “false prescription” that should be investigated.
There appears to be no evidence against the sisters, Singh had said.
He said that even if a patient is not available for a physical checkup, the caregiver can approach the doctor based on telemedicine guidelines amid the pandemic.
Therefore, the sisters had done nothing wrong, other than there was nothing to show that the Rajput had taken medication, Singh added.
CBI’s additional attorney general Anil Singh had said that the agency was already investigating the actor’s unnatural death following a Supreme Court order, and that the state should have transferred the case to him.
For the state, lead attorney Devdatta Kamat had opposed the petition, arguing that that was exactly what the state had done.
The case, registered on September 7, he said, “was quickly transferred to the CBI” and the SC order stipulated that any new FIRs would be sent to the CBI.
He also said that the case of presumed prescription without valid and mandatory consultation should be investigated as there were talks between Rajput and his sister in early June 2020. He had also cited provisions of the Drug and Cosmetics Act.
Rhea’s advocate Maneshinde, while seeking to dismiss the sisters’ petition, said that Chakraborty had an “altercation” with Rajput and knew she was taking medication but was unaware of the prescription and only when it was available on social media. He felt that it could be the cause of his suicide.
He said that one circumstance behind his suicide could be a “dangerous cocktail of drugs, narcotics and medicines.”
He said that Chakraborty left the Rajput home on June 8 and that until then, for 14 months, he had cared for him.
Maneshinde had also said that after investigating the case, the CBI could always file a closure report if it finds no evidence, but it cannot be overturned at this premature stage.

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